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ALERT: Continuing Education Requirements Change

Beginning October 1, 2014, all licensees renewing their license will be required to show completion of 20 hours of professional development (formerly continuing education). Of these 20 hours, 3 hours must be in the areas of ethics, Board rules, or professional responsibility, and 3 hours must be in the area of cultural diversity.  Furthermore...

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Final Rule Released on Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act (MHAEPA)

On November 8, 2013, the U.S Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. department of Treasury issued the final rule to implement...

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2014 Membership Renewal

TPA will be moving web platforms in the coming week. Therefore, we are removing the online payment option for this week to ensure the integrity of our database during this transfer. If you would prefer not to wait to join/renew (I understand), click below to download the form and mail/fax it in. Thank you for your patience through this transition!




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